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Here at DessGeega, we strive to exceed your expectations in terms of AI

Superior solutions

Artificial intelligence:
Having robots plan and work for you

Our artificial intelligence solutions are based on robots and software that can be trained and make efficient decisions.

A modern technology

Our company has been around for over three decades, yet we have only spent the last 10 years pushing AI into this field.

AI is everywhere around us today. Your lights could be smart or perhaps the thermostat. Everything can be controlled over a smartphone. So then, you ask yourself – why not implement AI into the oil and gas industry too? This is exactly what we have done over the past decade. AI will listen to your plans and will act accordingly. It will skyrocket the performance, improve productivity, reduce accidents, lower costs and provide great hourly rates.

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Oil robots
Gas solutions
Petrol innovations
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Gas projects

Gas projects

DessGeega began as a small local company in the 1980s. It aimed to provide robotized solutions to the oil and gas industry for a greater efficiency.

These days,we help refineries, platforms and extraction companies from all over the world improve their efficiency.

Our experts

Meet some of the people responsible for your higher efficiency and productivity – they make all the AI innovations happen.