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Artificial Intelligence

in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Providing artificial intelligence to oil and gas companies

We develop superior AI based solutions to the oil and gas industry in order to improve efficiency and ease operations.

We develop robots, software and hardware for a wide variety of businesses and companies in order to boost productivity.
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What we can do for you

We ease your operations in the oil and gas industry, improve efficiency and develop innovative solutions for productivity.

Extraction robots

Planning robots

Production systems

Gas processing

Oil processing

Platform mechanisms

Artificial intelligence

A plethora of benefits

Artificial intelligence is meant to plan things, take action and react based on your needs and expectations. It will ease your job and improve the productivity.

High extraction rates

AI will improve the extraction rate and overall efficiency.

Fast results

Since human interference is not required, results will be much faster.

Smooth operations

Everything goes smoother when details are thoroughly planned.

Less mistakes

Well programmed robots will ensure there are no mistakes.

Our customers


We have worked with small oil and gas companies, as well as large corporations with operations all across the world.


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Summary: Every time a character smokes cigarette on screen, the warning: “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”, is flashed. It is not just a warning; it is an alarm for saving your life. Every year millions of people die due to health hazards caused due to smoking related diseases.

So why is exactly cigarette smoking dangerous? Cigarette contains a large number of additives, nicotine, tobacco, paper and glue which holds it together. When lighted and smoked it causes harm to almost all the organs in the body and is cause for respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases, including cancer.

Vaping -A Healthier Option

When you light a cigarette and smoke carbon dioxide and nicotine which are being consumed increase your heart rate and blood pressure for a short term which causes damage to your heart and blood vessels. The absorption of oxygen to muscles, brain and body tissue is reduced which makes the organ to work harder and in the long run it is very detrimental to the health. The tar produced when smoking the cigarette coats the lungs like soot and it leads to cancer. Also, studies show that cigarette smokers have far more chance of experiencing stroke than non-smokers. It also causes fat to be deposited in the blood vessels causing heart.

Saying this and reading is pretty easy, but the difficult part is quitting the habit. The additive in the cigarettes makes it hard to quit over the habit. Nicotine is the ingredient which makes you addicted to the cigarette. Also, when you see the images of people smoking, being in a group who smokes cigarette makes you want to get a puff.

So, what is the solution? Juul Pods is the modern world answer to cigarette addiction. Juul Pods is a healthier option for hard core smokers who are not able to give up the habit even after numerous attempts. It helps in rescuing the number of cigarette intake in a day an eventually quit the habit altogether. To check out, how the Juul device, Juul Pod or Refillable Juul pod looks like, you should pay a visit to ELiquid Depot an online vape store with a wide variety of vape juice and pods.

Juul Pods have become much more user friendly than the earlier versions. It does not contain any of the harmful substance of tobacco but gives a taste of tobacco when in use, allowing the users to satisfy their craving without inhaling any of the hazardous toxins. Juul device is designed in such a way that it has a simple look and feel, that immediately distinguished the JUUL system from first generation e-cigarettes. It departed from the “round white stick” of those devices and introduced a new, flattened, high-technology approach. It includes an easy-to insert, rotatable, pod that couples to a compact, device body. It also creates smoke like vapor. The Juul pod comes in different nicotine strength and flavor

The Juul Pod usually lasts up to the same time as consuming 20 conventional cigarettes, which actually is more economical than buying cigarettes. The strengths of the nicotine cartridge can be classified as 30mg/ml and 50mg/ml.

Thanks to Juul system, one does not have to be guilty about being the cause of passive smoking since Juul are perfectly safe to smoke in public. The fumes emitted are absolutely safe and do not cause any health hazards to those around the smoker. It has an added advantage that the smokers do not have to freeze themselves to death to have a cigarette in the winter season. Shift to Juul to beat the habit and finally quit the habit.