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Artificial Intelligence

in the Oil and Gas Industry


Experience on the market

Who we are

Providing artificial intelligence to oil and gas companies

We develop superior AI based solutions to the oil and gas industry in order to improve efficiency and ease operations.

We develop robots, software and hardware for a wide variety of businesses and companies in order to boost productivity.
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What we can do for you

We ease your operations in the oil and gas industry, improve efficiency and develop innovative solutions for productivity.

Extraction robots

Planning robots

Production systems

Gas processing

Oil processing

Platform mechanisms

Artificial intelligence

A plethora of benefits

Artificial intelligence is meant to plan things, take action and react based on your needs and expectations. It will ease your job and improve the productivity.

High extraction rates

AI will improve the extraction rate and overall efficiency.

Fast results

Since human interference is not required, results will be much faster.

Smooth operations

Everything goes smoother when details are thoroughly planned.

Less mistakes

Well programmed robots will ensure there are no mistakes.

Our customers


We have worked with small oil and gas companies, as well as large corporations with operations all across the world.
Martin Spalding

An excellent collaboration with impressive results. It is an investment that pays off by itself before you even realize it.

Martin Spalding
Inky Oil – Founder
Richard Nicol

Results were fast and efficient – less work from the staff, a higher productivity and excellent value for money. Thank you.

Richard Nicol
Shard Oil – Founder


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