released in 1985, return of the invaders is a sequel to space invaders developed by UPL (who would later create mutant night and atomic robo-kid). unfortunately, taito never credited UPL when the game was released.

return of the invaders bears UPL's singular visual style, as well as their typical difficulty. return contains many features that would be repeated in taito's later space invaders sequels, majestic 12 and akkanvader - ufos carrying power-ups and the many varied enemy patterns - but has one interesting mechanic that hasn't yet been repeated: shoot all the invaders in a stage except a certain type (the "master" invaders) - typically each stage will have one row, column or ring of them - and they will combine to form a mother ship, launching a "challenging" stage.

the movie is of stages one through five of this wonderful space invaders sequel.