LAST UPDATED: 3/27/2006

here is a place for videos that don't get their own page.
maybe they're sloppy or unfinished or boring.
here is somewhere for them to call home.
updated whenever, so check back from time to time.

star soldier gamecube
five minutes mode replay.

star soldier gamecube
two minutes mode replay.

ninja warriors prologue
a short movie starring zuntata from the mega cd port of ninja warriors.

the first funky fighter
ludicrously bloody gator-punching shark-knifing whack-a-mole game. i insert credit during the mid-boss fights since i can't beat them in time in mame.

aba gamesriver raid homage. better than the last video i had up.

aba games gaplus-a-like. no sound.

bump 'n jump
also called "burning rubber", this game of high-speed car wrecking is pretty swell.

mr. goemon
footage of goemon's videogame debut in this fast-paced son son-like arcade platformer.

this is a no-miss 5,901,480-point clear of this strider spiritual sequel (also known as "cannon dancer") by tky. captured from a mame replay, because mame replays are notoriously unreliable.

gameboy pocket camera
using the game face feature, my mother djs. not particularly well, since i couldn't hear the sound while i recorded this.

rhythm tengoku
one of this fabulous rhythm game's later stages completed perfectly.

for archiving purposes, the ending to my favorite bit generations title. but please don't spoil it for yourself if you're going to play the game.

all five courts of this pongish bit generations game.

the first gran prix of the gorgeous bit generations racer.

every extend
the screenshot from my column on omega comes from this video.

game 50
a mysterious collection of games and clones featuring the same sprites and sounds. over an hour of footage.

soldier force
doujin star soldier remake. 24-stage replay. you need the game to watch.

motocross maniacs 2
konami's motorcycle/platforming game.

psycho pinball
high score video of "the abyss" table.

gunstar super heroes
outdated speed run. no sound.

bullet-eating freeware shooter.

psychic 5
a jaleco game i like to call "earthbound arcade". recorded from mame, but there's no sound.

photograph boy
photo opportunity action from irem! taken from an emulator, because i can't afford the game.

river city ransom ex
rumble with the mob outside the park!

kobo deluxe
bosconian's favorite child. sound's kind of wonky.