kaze kiri is a game about a ninja. it's not a ninja game, not really - there are no walls to climb, each stage is perfectly flat. it's kung fu master with an expanded moveset - a beat-'em-up.

and yet it is clearly a game about a ninja. naxat put much effort into character and detail. there's a sense of place. there's the sense of being in the middle of a struggle between fueding daimyos. a woman is stolen, a ninja is summoned. no words are spoken. the rival's estate is infiltrated. lives are taken. it is not a quest, it is merely duty. the narrative is simple and told with no dialogue - it is conveyed through gesture and dress, and the brooding cinematics, styled after samurai flicks, that open and close the game.

the game itself is about bosses. there are "regular" enemies, and they know how to fight, but the game is best understood as a progression of bosses. each stage's boss will appear only when you have slain all the other opponents (there is an indicator at the top right of the screen of how many remain), and then you have a fight on your hands. a variety of opponents await, and these confrontations are a spectacle to behold and to play.

the video is a collection of these spectacles, or brief moments of them. there are spoilers here - i am playing a character who must be unlocked - but the story is straightforward, and it should not dillute your experience of the game.