dracula x: chi no rondo was released in 1993 for the pc-engine super cd-rom. my favorite installment in the castlevania series, chi no rondo follows the quest of richter belmont to rid the world from the menace of count dracula as his ancestors did before him.

this all-clear video was made at request of my friend matt "shaper" williamson. it's not a speed run or a super-play. i actually play fairly conservatively, and some parts (like my fight with death) are rather sloppy. there are some funny moments too, like the chain that refuses to break, and when i take the invisible staircase in the final stage and subsequently forget where it is (twice).

also our favorite death moment occurs off-camera, so you'll have to play the game and witness it yourself.

i lose three lives, one at shaft (my first), one at shaft's ghost, and one at dracula. on matt's suggestion i've chosen to label the movie an "awesome play" rather than a "super play".

the audio is a bit out-of-sync for most of it - i blame dracula's evil magic. any other audio anomalies (such as the music stopping during the credit roll) are probably due to my playing a bootleg copy.

spoiler alert: as in any all-clear run, if you've never completed the game you can expect a fair amount to be spoiled by watching this. this run shows four out of five hidden stages in the game, a number of secret item locations, and hints at the locations of three of the game's four prisoners. the ideal ending is displayed when dracula is destroyed.