sega's crack down is contra takes on metal gear.

brawny archetypes ben breaker and andy attacker infiltrate what is apparently sega headquarters. their mission: plant explosives at marked locations and escape before they blow. the place is guarded, of course. each area of the compound is heavily guarded, but you get a map of every stage, and you get to be sneaky.

you spend much of the game sneaking up on enemies and flattening yourself against walls to avoid fire. you can also trick enemies into shooting each other for bonus points, and rockets allow you to line up multiple enemies for more points. your ammo is limited, encouraging perfection, and every stage is played against the clock. the game supports two players, and teaming up allows for new strategies.

the video is a quick run through the first three stages of the game.

while crack down is supported in mame, only the japanese version currently appears to work. there's also a serviceable mega drive/genesis port.