in issue 5 of the gamer's quarter, i attempted to understand why treasure sequel advance guardian heroes has been largely rejected by fans of the original, despite its tight, rewarding gameplay and fast-paced and brilliant stages and setpieces.

laying out the piece for print, i recorded this video as part of the screenshotting process. it shows stage four of advance guardian heroes being cleared on hard mode by valgar, dark knight. if you havn't played the game, consider it spoilery, though most of the dialogue won't make sense if you havn't played the first three stages.

i don't mention it in the magazine, but the multiplayer in advance guardian heroes is furious and great, and balanced in a way guardian heroes never was. one of my favorite excersizes is to start up a "training" battle with four random characters. this game is so well balanced that it is rarely impossible for a skilled player to win in even a completely random fight.